Surfaces (Color / Grinding)

Construction steel is usually lacquered. Montanstahl offers the possibility of obtaining profiles with powder-coating. Depending on the coating thickness, corrosion protection classes of C1 to C5 according to DIN 55633 can be obtained. This kind of powder coating is now available in all RAL-colors and in several special colors.

To represent cost-effectively manufactured stainless steel profiles in ground execution we must once again draw your atteintion to DAVEX technology since it provides an enormous cost advantage for the production of ground or polished profiles. As previously mentioned, the material flanks may be machined before cold joining in this case. The treated surface is not damaged during the process.

Very often, stainless steel type 1.4571 is required in combination with a high-grade polished surface. However, since said material contains titanium carbides that can cause streak formation during polishing, this material is inappropriate for the given specifications. So as to obtain the specified mirror finish, the alternate material 1.4404 must be used.


Building with steel permits great span widths and filigrane profiles. In order to arrange the use of steel for load-bearing constructions and glass facades in a more aesthetic fashion and to simplify assembly, Montanstahl has thought about the cost-effectiveness of connectors. Ideally these should not be visible anymore once the seals have been laid down.

The custom cutting of individual components of welded construction groups with the laser allows for more complex functional geometries. In this way, it is for example possible to create adjustable assembly assistance that balance tolerances and save time at the construction site.

Laser-welded box profiles are very appropriate for the insertion of connectors due to their high tolerance fidelity, so as to be able to for example create load-bearing connections of latches to posts.