In load-bearing constructions, vertical posts and horizontal latches are often brought together with and offset construction and subsequently welded. With sufficient amounts, Montanstahl is also in a position to create the belts shortened as early as the production process. This removes laborious machining steps for the customer.

The special profile represented here consists of duplex-material on all four sides, but with continuously different material widths. In the center of the profile it was continuously welded to a four-edged profile with a different quality. The outside surface of the profile was mechanically machined, drilled and cut through longitudinally without causing a greater distortion.

Prefabrication can also mean that single material strips are cost-effectively machined before the welding process by cutting the strips that are to be welded to fit and simultaneously cutting out all hole patterns on the rod.


Further processing of sections at Montanstahl may include making holes, contours through laser-cutting, milling, stud welding or special sections cut to length. In future, we will be successively offering our customers more and more detailed solutions geared to the classic requirements of façades as well as machine and plant construction.

Current performance spectrum:

• Recess cut in flanges on T-beams for connecting to uprights

• Contour cuts in upright webs of T-sections

• T-sections with rising and falling levels in webs

• Holes in flanges and/or webs

• Box and L-sections with ground exterior welds

• Milling interior angles to produce minimal radii

• Longitudinal milling of cut edges

• Grinding and polishing of all surfaces on sectionsLength and mitre cuts (-0/+2 mm)

• Blasting of all surfaces

• Pickling sections up to 15,000 mm

• Off-cut optimisation through infinitely variable special lengths

• Hybrids (sections partly made of constructional steel and partly of stainless steel directly welded together)

• Special packaging for sea freight

• International transport logistics

Planned further processing:

• 3D milling of sections

• 3D cutting to length for welded components

• Company-own 22 mm coil and splitting facilities for shorter delivery times

• Sections of height up to 1,000 mm and width 500 mm

• H-sections with rising and falling elevations

• Extended welding operations

• Pre-bending of sections

• Extended special geometries

• Surface treatment

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