Laser-cut blanks and flame-cut blanks

At Montanstahl, laser-cut blanks in up to 30 mm material thickness are possible in constructional and stainless steel. This above-average cutting capacity is also available for sheet metal dimensions of up to 2,000 mm width and up to a special length of 15,000 mm on several systems.

Production is based on regulation drawings in dxf or dwg format, which are used to control the systems directly. The drawings are created by the customer. At a charge, the drawings can also be produced by Montanstahl draughtsmen.

Laser-cutting is one of the most exact cutting processes. It is used to create complicated and intricate as well as functional apertures and cutouts. Laser-cutting generally precedes the laser fusion of sections. It provides the exactly cut initial material for the laser fusion process.

Laser-cut blanks are therefore particularly suitable for manufacturing welded structures as the process involves no unnecessary heat and therefore stress in the material, which would otherwise cause thermal distortion with associated detrimental effects in the further steps of the manufacturing process.

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