Cold-rolled special profiles

This technology is available for normal construction and stainless steel profiles with large capacities, since cold rolled profiles are manufactured by Montanstahl by form giving rolling of an endless wire feed with a diameter up to 30mm for circular shapes. During cold rolling, no scale coat appears on the surface, allowing for the creation of a flat surface. Due to the manufacturing process, the delivery length can be optimised for the customer. The technique requires very low tool costs compared to the total costs.

Typical minimum quantities start at 500 kg for stainless steel and 1000 kg for construction steel.

If not otherwise specified, the sections are supplied in lengths of 6,000 mm -0/+200 mm and charged at €/kg. The sections can be cut flush (+/-5 mm) or exactly to length (-0/+2 mm). Specific lengths are also possible.

Typical minimum quantities are 3-6 t for high-grade steel and 9-15 t for constructional steel. In any case, you should send an enquiry and request further information in individual cases.

The process is particularly suitable for producing smaller special geometries as often required in plant and machine construction applications provided slightly larger quantities are required. Montanstahl therefore produces high-grade design sections for demanding applications in interior design or functional geometries in machine and plant construction.

Materials and surfaces

Regularly processed qualities:

Stainless Steel rust-free

> 1.4301 / 1.4307

> 1.4401 / 1.4404

> 1.4571

> 1.4539

> 1.4828

> 1.4841


> 1.4162

> 1.4362

> 1.4462

Cross-section surface up to approx. 400 mm²
Tolerances IT 11 or according to customer wishes
Straightness ≥ 1 mm/m
Surface blank

Information Material

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