Montanstahl GmbH

Montanstahl GmbH, based in Oelde, has been distributing steel special profiles for more than 12 years and handles outstanding architectural projects, machine and plant construction tasks and many other industries requiring these profiles.

Montanstahl GmbH Germany is a subsidiary of Montanstahl SA (Switzerland), which is responsible for the distribution of special profiles. Our offer consists of a world-wide unique variety of special manufacturing technologies that allow – either individually or in combination – the production of very special special steel profiles. Apart from stainless steel standard geometries, which are produced in the factory for the handle, virtually every profile we sell is tailored exactly to the needs of the customer. For this reason, there is no catalog of available profile geometries.

Production company in Switzerland

Montanstahl AG in Switzerland has been involved in the production of special steel profiles for 20 years. The various steel grades are processed, from the usual mass steels, through alloyed steels, to the high-alloy and stainless steels. Due to the innovation and continuous investment in research and development, Montanstahl is today one of the most important manufacturers of special profiles worldwide.

In cooperation with our customers, we are specifically looking for new products and optimized production processes. When developing new profiles, we ensure that all potential manufacturing technologies are considered, in order to always provide our customers with a cost effective and high quality product solution.

The customer has five different methods to choose from in order to obtain a profile close to the final dimensions:

  • • laser welding
  • • hot rolling
  • • cold rolling
  • • cold drawing
  • • roll joining

We are trying to meet the increasing desire for fast reaction times through efficient logistics and short production cycles.

In addition to the special profiles, our product portfolio also includes a comprehensive range of standardized commercial profiles in stainless steel. We offer a nearly complete program in the following profiles:

• Isosceles angles according to EN 10056
• Unequal angle according to EN 10056
• UNP profiles according to EN 10279, Tab. 1
• UAP profiles according to EN 10279, Tab. 2
• IPE profiles according to DIN 1025
• HEA profiles according to DIN 1025
• HEB profiles according to DIN 1025
• T profiles according to EN 10055
• TB profiles according to EN 10055
• Z profiles according to DIN 1027
• Drawn flat iron according to EN 10278
• Wedge steels according to DIN 6880
• Semicircular profiles

In order to meet the growing demands of our customers in the future and to be able to provide constantly improved and tailor-made products, Montanstahl conducts intensive research and development work.