Montanstahl Germany

Montanstahl GmbH has its headquarters in Verl in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). As a subsidiary of the Swiss steel company Montanstahl AG, we were founded in 2006 with the goal to promote eye catching steel and stainless steel profiles into the world of high end commercial and residential buildings.
This was the hour of birth of our laser welded sharp corner profiles, which have been used as mullions & transoms in hundreds of high end curtain walls or as structural design elements in architecturally exposed steel structures around the world.

The Swiss profile company

Montanstahl AG in Switzerland has been involved in the production of special steel profiles for almost 40 years. A wide range of steel grades are processed, from the usual mild steels, through alloyed steels, to high-alloy and stainless steels. Thanks to its innovative spirit and continuous investment in research and development, Montanstahl is now one of the most important manufacturers of special profiles worldwide.

“Knowledge is the intensive exchange of thoughts”

In cooperation with our customers, we specifically search for new products and optimized manufacturing processes. When developing new profiles, we make sure that all potential manufacturing technologies are taken into consideration in order to always be able to offer our customers a cost-effective and at the same time high-quality product solution.
We have four different manufacturing technologies at our disposal in order to produce a special profile that is as close as possible to the final dimensions:

We try to meet the growing effort with fast response times through efficient logistics and short production cycles.
In addition to the special profiles, our product portfolio also includes a comprehensive range of standardized commercial profiles in stainless steel. We offer a nearly complete program Here.